18 Peng Lei Road, Peng Chau
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Paloma Bay

Paloma Bay, Peng Lei Road, Peng Chau



18 Peng Lei Road, Peng Chau

Getting there

Paloma Bay is just a 6-minute stroll from Peng Chau Ferry Pier. Turn left out of Peng Chau Ferry Pier on Lo Peng Street, then walk along Peng Lei Road on the seashore.

Paloma Bay
Paloma Bay


Central (Pier No. 6) – Peng Chau

Ferries run from Central (Pier No. 6) to Peng Chau. The service operates from 00:30 to 23:30 from Monday to Saturday; and 00:30 to 23:40 on Sunday and public holiday.

Journey Times

Ordinary Ferry:About 35 minutes
Fast Ferry:About 25 minutes

Inter Islands

Ferries plying among Mui Wo, Cheung Chau, Chi Ma Wan and Peng Chau. The service operates from 05:40 to 23:59 daily.

Journey Times

Peng Chau - Mui WoAbout 18 - 20 minutes
Mui Wo - Chi Ma WanAbout 13 - 15 minutes
Chi Ma Wan - Cheung ChauAbout 18 - 20 minutes
Cheung Chau - Peng ChauAbout 49 – 55 minutes